Tuition Fees / Maintenance Loans

It is anticipated that the majority of trainees will apply for finance from the Student Loans Company, subject to their standard application criteria. In these cases the Student Loans Company will pay the tuition fees direct to the Wildern Partnership SCITT in accordance with their terms and conditions and subject to the trainee remaining enrolled on the programme. Trainees will not be required to make repayments to their Student Loan until after they are in employment and meet current regulations on earnings.

Any trainee who is not eligible for finance, or does not wish to apply for finance, is responsible for paying their training fees themselves and is referred to as self-funding. Our payment schedule for self-funding trainees mirrors that of the Students Loans Company and is a payment due on the third Wednesday in October, the first Wednesday in February and on the first Wednesday in May.

Self-funding trainees who are eligible to receive an DfE Bursary can request that their Tuition Fee is deducted from their Bursary payments and sign an agreement to adhere to the payment terms.

All trainees, whether funded by the Student Loans Company or self-funding, who interrupt their studies or fail to complete the course will not receive a reimbursement of fees already paid to the WPSCITT.

Students can check their eligibility via this website. This does NOT COMMIT the applicant to apply; it is purely to check eligibility for funding. WPSCITT will request evidence of the trainee’s ability to pay their tuition fees.  Further information and advice is also available from the Student Loans Company as well as Get into Teaching – Funding Your Training.