Your Training Year

The Wildern Partnership curriculum sets out both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you will learn over the course of the training year.  It is underpinned by national frameworks such as the ITT Core Content Framework and the Teachers’ Standards, and informed by the most reputable educational research.  

In addition to this, our Curriculum is designed in collaboration with our partner schools so that it remains realistic and responsive to the needs of the schools in our local community.

Our Programme structure covers:

Centre based training

  • Professional & Pedagogical Studies (P&P) Programme
  • Intensive Teaching and Practice (ITaP)
  • Subject Studies
  • PGCE Programme
  • School based training – Main and second placements

Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP)

Intensive Training and Practice will be a series of in depth training weeks spaced out over the course.  These weeks will enable a deeper understanding and provide a ‘laser focus’ in the following areas: behaviour for learning; formative assessment; how students learn; and how to support students’ learning by deploying a range of scaffolding methods. You will have the time and support to be able to really develop your own abilities in the classroom.

The ITaP weeks will be led at the Wildern Partnership training centre and you will then observe and apply best practice in your school. They will be exciting weeks working with your fellow Trainees.

Subject Studies training is designed to complement and build on the training undertaken in the P&P programme and develop Trainees’ subject pedagogical knowledge, i.e. how to apply teaching theory specifically to their subject.  This training also informs and enhances the subject specific training that Trainees undertake in their placement school.

Like the P&P programme, the curriculum content of each Subject Studies programme has been selected to reflect current theory and practice in each subject area and ensure it fulfils the aim of Trainees becoming competent subject practitioners.

The Subject Studies Programmes are led by Subject Lead Mentors who are subject specialists within our partner schools.  Subject Studies training is delivered via six days throughout the course of the academic year with each training day or session taking place in the Subject Tutors’ home school.  Subject Studies Programmes mostly end in the May half term.  In between the Subject Study days, Trainees are given Gap Tasks to engage with; these are targets or activities designed to help the Trainees engage with the subject specific training in between sessions and to embed it into their school based practice.