Our Commitment

Wildern Partnership and it’s partner schools have a commitment to:

  • diversity, equality and inclusion
  • well-being – physical and mental health
in teacher training.
We aim to create a safe space for all trainee teachers and strive to educate ourselves.  Here are some of the positive steps we have taken so far:
  • we are members of the Diverse Educators Network
  • staff attendance at DEI training run by Diverse Educators Network
  • trainees are encouraged to complete our diversity and equality audit at the start of the programme of training
  • trainees receive three online training sessions delivered by Diverse Educators
  • protected characteristics training embedded into our curriculum
  • two staff trained as Mental Health First Aiders through Mental Health England
  • reasonable adjustment conversations with trainees with necessary actions taken by Wildern Partnership and partner schools to ensure trainees feel well supported throughout their training year