SEND Enrichment

As part of both our primary and secondary curriculum provision, we offer a SEND enrichment module. This module is intended to consolidate trainees’ understanding of how the evidence base can shape teaching practice. It aims to add coherence between theory taught and practice in schools.

The enrichment programme is discussed initially during application and interview to scope interest.   This interest is developed further through intelligent programme design and supported by tutors, mentors and SEND experts in trainees’ schools. The enrichment programme has been written and delivered by local special education needs experts in their field, who support aspects of the programme.  The module is rewritten every year to reflect the needs of the local children and partnership schools, as well as national research and  developments. 

The SCITT curriculum team is supported by valued colleagues from Southampton Inclusion Partnership, Oak Lodge School and Hill House School who host trainees in their schools as part of the focussed visits.   

The enrichment programme comprises of:

Workshops lead by local SEND experts

Focussed visits to partnership special schools

Independent Self Directed study

Focus group work with school based experts 

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‘Trainees quickly learn to apply up-to-date, relevant research to help them meet the needs of the pupils they teach. There is a strong focus on supporting pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and pupils who speak English as an additional language.’ Ofsted, March 2022