The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party

I know, I know, it’s only November. But when else are you supposed to fit in a Christmas do to align with all of the other events coming up this season?! Truth is, you can’t. Unfortunately, a few of the team couldn’t make it, but that is nothing another social event can’t solve. Anyway, the drinks were flowing, the buffet was Christmas themed, and it really was an amazing way to celebrate the last term and how far we have come.

The room was buzzing with laughter and chatter, and I know this isn’t anything to do with academics, or teaching, or lesson planning; this is a whole other side to the SCITT course – the social side. We have an allocated social secretary and he is incredible. Ensuring right from the beginning that tight bonds have been made – and they really have! The people that I have met on this course I will be friends with for life, and I am very thankful of that.

Anyway, I venture off topic. After a night of fun, and stories that won’t be shared on the blog, I’ll say this. SCITT bonds are unbreakable, and SCITT Christmases are events to get involved in.


Georgi Walters, Primary Trainee

Graded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted November 2016

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