Sunday morning. The day of rest. Sort of.

Sunday morning. The day of rest. Sort of.

I am definitely relaxing right now, laying in bed, writing this blog and quite enjoying the next 30 minutes before the day actually has to start. We are eleven weeks into the course, and I think it’s going pretty well. Trainees all across the course have started to fall into natural patterns of rhythm, identifying the best times to work and the best times to rest. Confidence is building as a result of the increased hours we are teaching; we are tired from the extra planning, but we are resilient.

On reflection, this week has been quite productive. We had a handful of potential trainees come in to visit this week, and I don’t think promotion of the course could have been any greater. Honestly, they probably thought someone had paid us (no transactions have been made).

On Friday, in subject knowledge for teaching, we learnt so much about computing and algorithms and debugging (and lots of other scary words I won’t list now) but it was great! I learnt so much and now I can draw a flowchart. So naturally, as we started on the topic of Sundays, I have drawn a personal flowchart for my Sunday, as taught on Friday.

Georgi Walters, Primary Trainee 19.11.2017

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