Your training year

Our programme offers coherent academic practice which supports your classroom teaching. Pedagogy, in turn, provides valuable action research to inform your assignment writing. The training, underpinned by academic research, is flexible, taking account of your individual previous achievements, strengths and areas of development and ongoing interests.

You will gain experience and training in a diverse range of schools within the partnership, including Primary, Secondary, Post 16 and Special Schools, the majority of which are in Hampshire.

Your school based Curriculum or Phase Mentor will be a class teacher of the school in which you are placed. These high quality practitioners receive regular and bespoke training and updates from the Wildern Partnership and have responsibility for ensuring that you have an appropriate Individual Training Plan and that you have every opportunity to meet the Professional Standards for Qualified Teacher Status. For the duration of your training your timetable will build up each term at a rate which is managed and agreed with your school based Curriculum and Professional Mentors and SCITT Tutor.

You will;

  • teach across two consecutive age ranges/phases
  • experience teaching in at least two contrasting schools.

We commit to support you as outstanding local teachers who are fully prepared to teach across a range of contexts and are equipped for your first steps into a successful career in teaching.

The cross phase aspect of our programme is a significant feature and strength. For much of the central based training primary and secondary trainees are together, maximising your experiences and giving you the opportunity to work alongside primary and secondary colleagues and learn from them. This is particularly beneficial with regard to transferable teaching and learning skills such as Behaviours for Learning, Assessment of and For Learning, Differentiation, Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy.

In addition the element of the programme designated as ‘Enriched Learning Experience’ affords you the opportunity to spend time in a variety of settings in the alternative Key Stages to those in which you are training and, where possible, Special Schools giving you a genuine cross phase breadth of experience.

Your Training Year

Phase 1 – Scaffold

SCITT Teaching School Experience (STSE) – (1 weeks Induction plus 7 weeks at School A and the Training Centre)

  • Outstanding Practice modelled, theory and practice analysed and mediated.
  • Integrated school / training centre learning experience for general professional studies and subject professional studies.
  • Core group training where Secondary and Primary trainees received phased and combined training by Wildern Partnership Specialists.

Phase 2 – Scaffold and Develop

SCITT Partnership School A – (11 weeks at School A and the Training Centre)

  • Teaching Groups, micro teaching and working with individual children building to whole class planning, teaching and assessment. Individual Support from outstanding school based subject leaders and highly trained school based mentors.
  • Working towards a 50% timetable built up at a rate which is individual and managed by curriculum / phase and professional mentor.
  • Fridays are based at the Training Centre for general professional studies.

Phase 3 – Develop

Enriched Learning Experience – (1 week  in school based settings in alternative Key Stages )

  • Theory / Practice relationships enriched.
  • Experience in SEN, culturally diverse schools, and Early Years, Primary, Secondary and FE depending on trainees Key Stages, in order to better understand transition.
  • Enhanced Subject Knowledge for teaching, preparation for recruitment, capitalising on experience in the content of additional expert tuition, preparation for Second School Experience.

Phase 4 – Develop and Refine

SCITT Partnership School B – (6 weeks in a contrasting school and the Training Centre)

  • Theory practice relationships consolidated in a contrasting setting.
  • Teaching classes, groups and individual children, supported and assessed by highly trained school based mentors. Embedding subject knowledge for teaching and supporting pupil progress.
  • Fridays are based at the Training Centre for general professional studies.

Phase 5 – Refine and Enrich

Employment in Education / Enrichment – (10 weeks at School A and the Training Centre)

  • Return to School A.
  • SCITT support for local NQTs, School CPD in mentoring / subject knowledge / MA level study / diverse bespoke needs.
  • Further completion of teaching time, should any issues have arisen through out the year.
  • Preparing for Employment in Education.
  • Fridays are based at the Training Centre for general professional studies.